Electric Motor & Generator Repair

Our Motor repair and rewind section has a wealth of rewind knowledge and experience. We are capable of servicing, overhauling, repairing or rewinding a wide range of motor and generators. These start from fractional horsepower motors through to medium d.c. motors and armatures, single phase motors, three phase motors and generators to large three phase motors and generators as large as 500kw. Stator removal equipment and 50 tonne bearing and pulley removal.


Test Equipment:


• MT33C Surge Test Unit

• V Block Armature Growler and Held Held Growler

• HV Insulation Testers

• Micro Ohm Resistance Tester

• LV 3 Phase Power Supply


About Company

NQIE Has proudly been operating in the Mackay Region since 1986. We offer the highest quality of work and will go to any lengths to satisfy our customers.




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