Thermographic Inspection

  • Inspect and document the temperature and condition of critical plant equipment and processes
  • Use inspection and temperature data to help locate and eliminate potential problems with equipment, thus extending equipment and minimizing unplanned downtime

Potential Benefits

Potential benefits could include the following:

  • Reduced unscheduled downtime
  • Increased productivity of equipment
  • Lower maintenance labor costs
  • Fewer component replacements
  • More effective maintenance control
  • Safety and environmental improvements

Ultrasonic Cleaning

At a glance:

  •  Removes dirt, light rust, loose lead, powder buildup, and cooper residue.
  •  Environmentally safe.
  •  Cleans all surfaces in minutes, saving valuable time.
  •  Cleans areas impossible to reach by hand.


The Dimensions of our Ultrasonic Cleaner are:  Width: 66cm Length: 97cm Depth: 70cm

What is ultrasonics and how does it work?

Ultrasound is energy in the form of a wave motion which is above the maximum level of audible sound. This energy is transmitted to the cleaning solution via a bank of transducers underneath the machine. The result of this process is termed cavitations, tiny bubbles of vaporized liquid which explode when they reach a high pressure. Cleaning takes place as shock waves dislodge soil from the surface of the contaminated articles placed in the water bath.

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